Here's my story:

I messaged Ro about what I needed done. He made sure I had all necessary parts, quoted me an excellent price for the job, then said he could be available within 12 HOURS of me messaging him! He makes house calls! He showed up the next morning and within an hour finished the installation of a new stereo head unit and a flush mounting of the microphone next to my sun visor. SUPER nice and knew exactly what he was doing. I couldn't be more pleased. I'll be using him again if I ever need anything car audio related.

Jason Reagan

Special THANX to Ro Williams for the OUTSTANDING job today... I took him a pretty big "rats nest" behind the deck...

1. Could not control volume through my steering wheel.. (First world problems I know.. But it an option, so it needs to work)

2. No sound in the rear speakers

3. Auto illumination on my deck not functioning (wont auto-dim with headlights) #RoFixedIt

4. No sound in sub #RoFixedIt

5. No power to one of my amps #RoFixedIt

#FastWork #ProfessionalService #DidntBreakTheBank #LifeCustomerHere #MobileService #SupportLocalBusiness #HeWillComeToYou #WhenTheTrailerDoorOpensItsGameOn


Great experience with Ro's! My car has never sounded better, pricing was fair, and Ro was great! Highly recommend!


He knew his equipment and mine my 1978 vette really rocks now with a custom made box that's beautiful and sound like a dream if you don't see me coming you will hear me !!!! I can't express how happy I am with the work , equipment , and friendly and fast came to my house !! Love it.

Thanks again man

Will Harris

Excellent service and great pricing! Very knowledgeable.

David Sullivan

Great service,Fair pice,Very convenient,Fast and reliable!!

Ayden Flores

Really good and professional job I'm very satisfied

Willie Bailey